Emerson High School, Class of 1965

Gary, Indiana

Book About Emerson's First 100 Years

Emerson School opened its doors on September 13, 1909.

Fellow '65 classmate, Kendall Svengalis, is working on a narrative and pictorial history of Emerson, celebrating Emerson's 100th anniversary. This book is a follow-up to his hugely successful book on Gary, entitled Gary, Indiana: A Centennial Celebration.

Ken is in the process of interviewing Emerson alumni, first concentrating on the older students and teachers. If you know of an Emersonian who graduated or taught prior to 1965 who would have interesting stories and photos, please e-mail Ken with their contact information.

At the same time, Ken is interviewing former Froebel alumni in anticipation of his book on Froebel to celebrate the 100th year of Froebel’s opening in 1912.

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